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How Kendrick Lamar’s “Untitled 6” (featuring CeeLo Green) Came To Be

By Linear Labs

“Kendrick Lamar never really cares about what the critics think. This is why he is a true artist… A true artist tells the world what is great, before everyone else figures it out,” stated Adrian Younge.

“Kendrick Lamar is the definition of a true artist; his music transcends time because he creates with unfettered freedom,” stated Ali Shaheed Muhammad.

The song, “Untitled 6,” featured on Kendrick Lamar’s, Untitled Unmastered, is produced by Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge. The instrumental, produced at Linear Labs studios (Los Angeles), was initially created for the duos upcoming album, The Midnight Hour. When their mutual friend, CeeLo, heard a few of the Midnight hour tracks, he asked if he could demo something for the album. Obliged by the offer, they agreed, and CeeLo created an unfinished demo he coined “Question Marks.” Sam Taylor (former VP of A/R & Creative at Sony ATV and now SVP of A/R & Creative at Kobalt) shared a few Midnight Hour tracks, with Kendrick. Thereafter, a bond was created, ultimately leading to Kendrick finishing CeeLo’s demo: Untitled Unmastered.

For the Midnight Hour LP, a completed Cee Lo version, Question Marks, will be featured. In the meantime, Shaheed and Younge are writing and producing a psychedelic score, for an upcoming television series. The music is being orchestrated by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and is slated to debut later this year.

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