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MARVEL LIVE! Ali Shaheed and Adrian Younge on Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 2

By dru

Before Black Panther hit the big screen, the first Marvel series to really pay homage to the Hip Hop culture was the unveiling story of Luke Cage. And, who better to score and compose the music for the show than two of Hip Hop’s most notable producers, Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed.

Season 1 was just a mere introduction of the world that is Luke Cage and his Harlem Paradise. Now entering Season 2, the dream team composers have taken you to the next level with some very exciting special guest features on the soundtrack, and even a surprise performance from them both on the last episode of Marvel’s Luke Cage season 2.

The premiere of season 2 happened in NYC on Thursday June 21st, and you can check out Marvel discussing the music of Luke Cage with the composers themselves, Ali Shaheed and Adrian Younge, below.

As for the guys special guest appearance on Marvel’s Luke Cage season 2, we got the exclusive first look for you here! Check it out below, and make sure to follow us on social media for the inside scoop on what’s up and coming with Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed.

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