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PLAYBOY Presents: What Happens in the Midnight Hour; a more in-depth look at their new short film with Fender called ‘Artform’

By dru

Together, they’re called The Midnight Hour, though both Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad have forged careers that seemingly intersect at instrumentation even when they’re not performing together. As part of the legendary A Tribe Called Quest, Ali Shaheed pioneered the reinvention of hip-hop’s sound that continues to echo throughout the culture and beyond. Younge is a modern-day composer, with an onus on live instruments that poses a hard left from some of the current production styles in hip-hop as of late. The short film Artform, in partnership with Fender, is just one of their effort that is meant to amplify voices across music genres.

In this particular installment, the pair dissect the use of samples in hip-hop and how the beat machine is an instrument in and of itself. Further, Younge has urged producers to pick up actual instruments and learn the bits of music that they tend to pull from other musicians’ works. While Younge operates a record store, Artform Studio, and Ali Shaheed is an expert in vinyl, the two still stress how instruments are perhaps the most organic beat machines. The two talk to Playboy about their short film and exclusive bass guitar through Fender, Kendrick Lamar’s finely tuned ear, and how the youth of today can benefit from both sampling and learning to play actual instruments.
Check out the full interview with Playboy here.
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