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BONAFIDE MAG – Introducing: Jack Waterson’s psych from the soul on Linear Labs

By dru

‘Introducing’ is one hell of a term to use when talking about Jack Waterson, whose career has been musical since co-founding (initially Tucson, Arizona, then) Los Angeles based rockers Green On Red. That was 1979.

40 years later and he’s released an eponymous solo album (not his debut), and it’s another ‘Adrian Younge Presents…‘ sure shot. The pair’s pathways have been intertwined since a 19-year old Younge walked into Waterson’s then newly-opened, and now highly revered, instrument store on York Boulevard in LA – Future Music – thus defining the producer’s sound as Jack became mentor in the ways of recording using analogue equipment. Jack’s played on every release Adrian’s recorded, and is joining him as we speak as part of The Midnight Hour tour with a full band, led by Adrian and Ali Shaheed Muhammad. 

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