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Creative Pinellas: Something Borrowed, Something New; Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge

By dru

Raised on hip-hop, form the core of The Midnight Hour,
a retro-soul ensemble with a contemporary twist

Perhaps it was fated that they would meet, connect artistically and form a thriving collaboration. Ali Shaheed Muhammad, 49, born and raised in Queens, New York, an original DJ/producer of the hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest. Adrian Younge, 40, from Los Angeles, a polymath solo artist, composer, producer (from Ghostface Killah to The Delfonics) and multi-instrumentalist. Both were children of hip-hop, and both took the road less taken. 

Together, they form the nucleus of The Midnight Hour, a Los Angeles-based 10-piece (sometimes larger, sometimes smaller) ensemble that will perform at The Palladium on Wednesday, September 11.

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