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GHETTOBLASTER MAG: The Midnight Hour Shares Video For Orchestral “Harmony”

By dru

The Midnight Hour, the 10-member ensemble lead by Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad (ATCQ), share the video for the “Harmony,” the single released this past October. 

The song featured singer Loren Oden as the group supports the vocalist with strings, harp, and horns accentuating Younge (keys) and Muhammad (bass) along with the additional players. The Midnight Hour moves seamlessly throughout the track moving through an R&B style that recalls the lush filled compositions of Issac Hayes while allowing contemporary elements to permeate through, becoming 21st-century Soul. 

The video was directed by Younge and filmed at his Linear Labs studio in the Highland Park-area of LA. Of the shoot, Younge offers:

“The video represents the spirit of The Midnight Hour: A visceral feeling of expression in those late-night moments that is difficult to define, but impossible to deny.” 

Check out the full article and video here.

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