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Inside the Making of the “Run This Town” – Original Score by Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad

By dru

“When we are given the opportunity to score something special, we understand the time investment. Ali Shaheed Muhammad and I take scoring very seriously and we love to say “No,” so that we can say yes to the work we really want to do. In our meetings with directors and studios, we make the following absolutely clear: “We only work with people we believe in, and we only do projects we actually love…also, if you are lookin for a score with the fake strings and keyboard pads, we are not the guys.”

The reason we are so up front is because time is your most important asset. You never want your life sucked away on a wack ass project with people that are not creative. Don’t let anybody steal your time when there are people better than you at doing the things you don’t like to do. 
The score for Run This Town, directed by Ricky Tollman was a great experience. Great person with vision. Make sure you check it out. Here, the orchestra Is conducted by my favorite conductor Brooke DeRosa and recorded at the Linear Labs Music Studio.

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