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Latest track + video for Loren Oden’s “Words To Say”

By dru

@lorenoden’s latest masterpiece with maestro @adrianyounge, hits it spot on those moments in love when you are at a loss for words. Stream and download #WordsToSay now on all platforms! 

We were in my studio one evening and he started playing these chords…he was fumbling around with some words and said “I don’t really have the words to say,” and I said, “Stop bra! Let me grab the 808, and let’s build something around that concept of not knowing what the F to say.” Next thing ya know, Loren created a master piece. As for the production, the song is just an original @roland_us Tr-808, a @fender Rhodes 54, and a 22-piece orchestra. Made the decision not to record any bass lines because it would have changed the sentiment of the composition. I love my bass lines, but this is the only rhythmic composition, in my catalog, where I chose to leave the base line off. Anyways…check it out and let me know if it made ya do a two-step 😉

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