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The Midnight Hour and Fender for #BLM

By dru

Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed teamed up with Fender to continue the conversation of the current state of affairs happening around the globe. This is what they had to say:

“Musicians transcribe history in real time, being the voice of the future while simultaneously being the voice of the past. This magical sentiment is what empowers the artist to spark change, as our voices reverberate eternally.  When we speak together, our frequencies become amplified with undivided passion and the strength to write a new song. Listen, and never be afraid of the music.  Listen, and never be afraid of using your voice as the energy for change.  My voice is the instrument behind the movement and beyond the moment.  My voice lasts forever. 
How are you using your instrument for change? The world is listening.” – @adrianyounge

“We are artists. We use our voices to push the threshold of emotional discomfort to capture the beautiful and the ugly. For it is there that truths are hidden. Beneath those layers we find the road to healing, to purification and the highest state of self. This is where love lives. 
Let this time be no different. Keep strumming on the threshold of their emotional discomfort until their voices ring in harmony like an open chord for equality.”
– @alishaheed

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