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The Midnight Hour is Black excellence: an ode to the cultural sophistication that the Harlem Renaissance established for its people. The Midnight Hour is comprised of Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge, alongside a tight rhythm section and a full orchestra.


Last June, 2018, The Midnight Hour debuted their self-titled album to great reviews and toured the US extensively. “It was during that tour last year that we decided to record a live album, capturing this new experience. The music you hear in our studio album is how we mean it to sound. But it’s something totally different when we have an audience in front of us. This recording is us wanting to give people a chance to hear what they can expect when they see us live.” On February 22nd, 2019, The Midnight Hour performed in front of a live studio audience at Linear Labs. This was a direct-to-analog tape recording that 200 very lucky fans were a part of.


Adrian and Ali began working on the debut Midnight Hour album in 2013, but put the project aside as they would score the hit Netflix series Marvel’s Luke Cage. The Midnight Hour is a soul/jazz/hip hop album which continues the conversations started by yesterday’s jazz and funk pioneers; those that created the bedrock of samples for hip hop producers in the 80s/90s. The Midnight Hour is sophisticated hip hop that fans will enjoy, capturing their jazz rhythm section, and a full orchestra reminiscent of the maestros such as David Axelrod and Quincy Jones.

Live musicians:

Ali Shaheed Muhammad Bass

Adrian Younge Electric Piano

Loren Odon and Angela Muñoz Vocals

Jack Waterson Guitar

David Henderson Drums

Shai Golan Alto Saxophone

Zach Ramacier Trumpet

Korina Davis Violin

Sarah Tarablus Viola



  1. Introduction
    2. The Midnight Hour Theme
    3. Black Beacon
    4. Gate 54
    5. Redneph In B Minor
    6. Better Endeavor
    7. No Greater Love ft Loren Oden
    8. Do It together ft Loren Oden
    9. Mission
    10. Bitches Do Voodoo Intro ft. Angela Muñoz
    11. Bitches Do Voodoo ft Angela Muñoz
    12. Dans Un Moment D’errance feat Loren Oden
    13. Questions ft Loren Oden
  2. Ravens
    15. Its You ft Loren Oden
    16. Shout Outs

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The Midnight Hour LIVE “Mission”

The Midnight Hour LIVE “Redneph In B Minor”

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