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Twelve Reasons To Die II

Fans who have been waiting for the past two years can finally rejoice: Adrian Younge & Ghostface Killah’s “Twelve Reasons To Die II” is finally here, and to up the ante, they’ve added a very important lyrical companion to the mix: Raekwon. Also, returning as narrator, as well as executive producer, is Wu-Tang patriarch, The RZA.

Where the 1st installment left off, part 2 travels to the grimy streets of 1970s New York. With the descendants of the DeLucas running the city, they find themselves up against a powerful foe, Lester Kane, personified by Raekwon, who has summoned the spirit Ghostface to help him and his syndicate exact revenge for the murder of his family.

Vividly brought to life by Younge’s unique brand of cinematic and psychedelic soul, he enlists the help of West Coast hip-hop heavy hitters Vince Staples, Chino XL, Scarub, and Lyrics Born, as well as Philly Soul pioneer Bilal. The music – on which Younge himself plays upwards of 10 instruments on certain songs – was recorded strictly on analog tape, bringing out the true grit of the ‘70s era that provides the Twelve Reasons backdrop.

Twelve Reasons To Die II is another heavy feather in the caps of all involved, especially Younge and Ghost, who again, pour their skills and intellect into this dramatic and engaging tale, fitting perfectly into the Wu-Tang family tree, as well as Younge’s always-expanding musical universe.

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Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge – Get the Money feat. Vince Staples – Twelve Reasons to Die II

Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge – Let the Record Spin feat. Raekwon – Twelve Reasons to Die II

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