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A studio defined by Adrian Younge’s golden era of sound (’68-’73).

Linear Labs Studio is a marvel of technical superiority and true professional capability.  We provide the quality of the future, in reverse, and the difference is outstanding.  We are capable of meeting today’s high demand, in every way, for the imagination required: a unique sound for those seeking to synthesize the sonic landscapes of yesterday, for tomorrow.  Linear Labs is a complete sound facility ready for mono, stereo and quadraphonic recording (also adaptable for film and television production).

Hand-wired tube and solid-state limiters/compressors define our state of the art retreat, supplemented by a comprehensive list of ancillary equipment; and for the advanced tape enthusiast, we provide multi-formatted Ampex magnetic recorders, the versatility needed for today’s musician.  Located in North East Los Angeles, our studio serves as a period specific recording facility.  For all music, film and television rentals, please contact Dru(at)linearlabsmusic(dot)com.

Terrace Martin x Smino x Adrian Younge at Linear Labs

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