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Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn “Lovely Lady” ft. Dennis Coffey (Official Music Video)

"The 'Something About April' album depicts the trials and tribulations of an interracial couple, circa 1968," says producer/musician Adrian Younge, adding, "it's a concept album. Each song chronicles certain moments within the overall story." On this album, out now on Wax Poetics Records, Younge collaborated with Motown guitar legend Dennis Coffey for the old-school soul track "Lovely Lady," which, says Younge, "depicts the point in time when the couple actually meets. She is shy and falls in love; she constantly dreams about being affectionate with her male companion. Her candid dreams take her from slow dancing, to shower scenes with him. In writing this song, I sought to stimulate that old feeling of romance: a kind of romance that was seldom questioned. Some call it 'love at first sight.' Hopefully, our project audio-visually captures this notion."


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